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The default is Search ANY word
With this selected type one or more words to find any of these words.

Search ALL words
Select this and type more than one word to find all of these words.

Search EXACT phrase
Select this and type in a phrase or a sentence to find that exact group of words.

Boolean Operators

Use + in front of each word or a quoted phrase that you require. Use - in front of each word that you want to exclude.
+Isaiah -Servant
This searches for all documents with the word "isaiah" and without the word "servant"
Capitalisation does not matter.

Use AND, OR, NOT, (, and ) to form a Boolean expression. AND requires, OR allows, NOT excludes. Use double quotes to protect the words "and", "or", or "not" in a phrase.
(Isaiah OR Romans) NOT "Doctrines of Grace"
This searches for all documents with "isaiah" or "romans" in them, but without the phrase "doctrines of grace" in them.
Capitalisation does not matter.