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Some Music Bands

is an excellent Christian 'Rap-Core' band from Woolongong Australia. They have released only one album so far - NO COMPROMISE They are kind of like a Christian Rage Against the Machine (in their music - lyrics are to the praise of God, unlike Rage Against the Machine). I am not into rap myself, but I like heavy rock (among other styles), and BENT plays some great rock. There songs do not all have the same theme, they cover some different topics in Scripture - Prophets, events in Scripture, taking a stand for Christ, crying out for comfort, Psalm 150 etc. Every song's lyrics give praise and glory to God.

I can also testify that this band is dedicated to Christ and the spread of His message of Salvation to the world because I have met two members - Nat and Jono Marsh - and their family when they came to HK on their way to witness in China in January 2000. I look forward to meeting them again soon and the rest of the band.

BENT are, clockwise from left:
Jono Marsh, Matt Ledgerwood, Aaron Ledgerwood (DJ Dread), Nat Marsh, and Nate Ledgerwood

If you like heavy rock and/or rap-core music, check this new band out. They were overall winners in a New South Wales bands competition. Bent have also played in the National finals at the Sydney Opera House in March 2000.


is a brilliant Christian band whose fame is well deserved. They broke into the Christian music scene playing their own version of music which was like U2. Their album KING OF FOOLS has many well-written pieces of music with lyrics covering a wide range of topics and has sold better than most Christian albums in history. They have done so well that many new Christians have copied their style. This caused them to change style for their albums MEZZAMORPHIS and GLO. This style it quite one which I listen to, but I would highly recomend everyone out there to check out their albums.








Then there's CREED. I love their album HUMAN CLAY. I thought these guys were Christian, and they were a Christian band who aimed themselves at the secular market (that's waht my friends all think). The lyrics in their songs are spiritual and easily pass as Christian lyrics, but I recently found out from someone and from on the net (from a number of different rock sites who interviewed them) than they're not. EG and interview by NYROCK.COM:

NYROCK: There was a bit of confusion over your lyrics. Many people thought you were a Christian rock band because you used biblical references.... BRIAN: Scott writes the lyrics and he had a very religious upbringing, but it doesn't mean we're religious. He uses it as a metaphor. That's different. He uses the symbolism, but that doesn't mean we're Christian rock. SCOTT STAPP: We're not into organized religions. That doesn't mean we're immoral. We have morals, but I don't think you need to be religious to have morals.

Scott Stapp was brought up by strict Christian Pentecostal parents and he wrties their lyrics. His upbringing has influenced his lyrics. Anyway, if this does not bother you (their lyrics are not offensive and can be sung very easily to the praise of God) then check them out. If they were Christian I would highly recommend them as their music is just brilliant.