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Below are a list of sites which I have used to help in my studies of various topics, including Scriptural topics which I have not yet created pages for on this site. In addition to providing a link to the main page of each website, I have also provided links to individual pages on each site which I found particularily interesting and useful.

Providing a link to a site does not mean I agree with everything the director/author states on his site. But to the best of my knowledge none of these sites say things which Christians of any denomination, or anyone else, should find offensive.

Christian Answers - A Great site with answers on LOADS of questions answered.

Darkness to Light Ministries - CHECK IT OUT!
This is an excellent Christain site with studies on many different topics. The Director evaluates many different areas of contention and difficulty facing Christians in a honest manner, studying what Scripture has to say on each issue. I highly recommend this site. It is the only site on the web which has a section on Calvinism and Pentecostalism.

Subject Index of this site.
Reformed Theology - Excellent and comprehensive section on Calvinism and how it is scriptural.
General Theology and Apologetics - Apologetics and Faith.
Scripture Studies - Many different topics studied. Passages for both sides of all the issues covered are given.
Calvinism and Pentecostalism - Good page. How I found Darkness to Light Ministries.
Baptist Distinctives - Calvinism, Baptists and Reformed-Baptists.
The Trinity
Human Nature - Soul, Spirit and Knowing God (Dichotomy or Trichotomy)
DTL's links to sites on Creation vs. Evolution
Paul In Athens - Paul's evangalism methods and what we can learn from him.
Capital Punishment - Interesting. This made me think. I now agree with what Gary writes here.

Centre for Reformed Theology and Apologetics - CHECK IT OUT!
Another excellent Christian site which is dedicated to Reformed Theology and apologetics.
This site has pages on Calvinism, Apologetics, The Bible, Calvin himself etc. It has many different papers on many different topics related to our faith.

The Calvinist Corner - VISIT THIS SITE!!!!
The guy who runs Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry (see below) also runs this site. He calls himself an 'Experiential Calvinist'. He is another Calvinist who believes that the Gifts of the Spirit are for today.

Koorong - This is the bookshop in Australia from which I buy my Christian books (theology, apologetics etc), CDs, TShirts and so on. Excellent range.

Or you can check out:

Word Bookstore - As I use Koorong I've never bought from these guys, but I've heard they have a good range. Christian Books

Last year God also gave me a desire to study Mormonism. I bought some books on the cult, got for myself a copy of the 'Book of Mormon' and visited a number of sites. Here are the ones I can remember:

Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry - Great site for defending the faith and explaining many different cults and their doctrines.
Mormon Research Ministry
Mormons in Transition by the Institute for Religious Research - Includes how Mormonism and its Scriptures have changed through time.

Scripture quotes were often taken from Bible Gateway, a site with many different translations of Scripture.

Some of the Commentaries I used were from the World Wide Bible Study site
- Run by the Christian Classics Ethereal Library which has many different Christian classics on the web - CHECK IT OUT I highly recommend this site for reading Bible Commentaries.


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Here is a list of the main sites I used when I started studying the topic if Predestination:

A comparison of Arminianism and Calvinism:

Calvinism as an Evangelizing force:



Catholic Predestination:



And: A tiptoe through Tulip:, FOREKNOWLEDGE, FREE WILL, AND THE

The disputed passages I got mainly from these two sites (The best was which are shown):

What is an Arminian:

The Triumph of Arminianism: