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Isaiah - The Book of the Servant

Isaiah is divided into three sections, called 'books'. These sections are:
The Book of The King (1-39)
The Book of The Servant (40-55)
The Book of The Conqueror (?) (56-66)

During the mid-semester break in my second semester of Uni in 2000 I went on the 'Mini Summit' run by Melbounre Uni's Christian Union. It was a camp which ran over the first weekend of the holiday. During it we studied The Book of The Servant in Isaiah. We also played games, lay around in the sun and watched the Olympics (first night was the Opening Ceremony - I didn't enjoy it because of it's overt worship of man and some Aborigine religious ceremonial stuff in it).

We were led by Andrew Sloane in the study of Isaiah. Andrew is a lecturer in Ridley College - an Anglican theological college just up the road from Whitley College where I live. We had a number of hour-long studies over the three days, some were talks by Andrew others were personal studies in small groups, and they were excellent - I learned a huge amount and had a great time. We were given an A4 booklet with our studies in them. After the camp I went to my Grandparents and typed up the studies. These I have published on the web and are not copyrighted - use them as and how you wish. Titles are in bold and subtitles are in italics. I typed up my notes for each section in normal font. In chapter 45 I have some notes in small font - these are extra historical things I found out from my Grandfather (who lectureed at Whitley College, is a retired pastor, and has a PhD in Theology) when I typed them up (the history is very interesting!).

I hope you find this info useful and interesting as I did. The chapters are listed in the menu to the left and below:

40 ; 42-43 ; 45 ; 46 ; 49 ; 50 ; 52 ; 52-53 ; 54 ; 55

Other sections on my site are:

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