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Romans 1:18-32

In the first half of this chapter Paul tells us that we must not be ashamed of the Gospel. In this half of the chapter he states things which people may find offensive and cause us to be ashamed about:


Religious Diversity

Human Nature / Psychology

Contemporary Sexual Ethics

What are the signs of His anger?


What causes societies and relationships to fall apart according to this passage?

How should knowing this effect our response to social evils, such as those listed in the passage?

Paul tells us that people have a suppressed knowledge of Gof (v18) and of His judgement (v32). Is this encouraging or discouraging evangalism?

Encouraging - God will through us 'pull out' what's inside the unbelievers.
Intimidating - They use their intelligence etc to deny God.

What does this passage have to say about the issue of people who haven't heard about Jesus?


1:1-16 2:1-3v8