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Romans 1:1-16

What do we learn about: What are the implications for our relationships with:


  • A Servant of Jesus Christ (v1)
  • An apostle (v1)
  • Set apart for the gospel - A Christian (v1)
  • Serves God with his whole heart in preaching the gospel (v9)
  • Remembers the Romans in his prayers (vv9,10)
  • Misses the Romans (v11)
  • Obligated to all people to preach (v14)


  • We are chosen by Him
  • We are obligated to the unsaved to preach God's Word
  • Must pray for others
  • Must serve God with our whole heart



The Romans

  • Called to belong to Jesus Christ (v6)
  • No division among them (vv5,6)
  • Loved by God (v7)
  • Their faith is reported all over the world (v8)

Other Christians

  • Love all Christians as brothers regardless of differences
  • God loves other Christians regardless of their denomination

The Gospel

  • Promised through prophets in Scriptures (v2)
  • It is about Jesus (v3)


  • They need to hear it
  • They must know the Word of God


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