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Isaiah 52:1-12

Bible Study

Read vv. 1-2. What images are used to describe God’s freeing of the exiles? What effect do you think they would have on Israel on exile?

Put on Strength and Power – beautiful clothes.

Wake up, prepare for the day. Get up – They’ve been sitting there ‘gathering dust’.

Free yourself of the chains of captivity.

Read vv. 3-6 (and 50:1-3). What do these verses mean? Why are they here?

Freed, so Israel will know Him and recognise Him and glorify Him.

They went into exile so they would be punished for their sins.

So He’ll bring them back – to teach Israel, to tell them who He is. For His purpose – His name was blasphemed.

What images are used for the joy of this message of deliverance? Discuss their effect on those who experienced the destruction of Jerusalem.

Partying images.

vv. 7-10: Message to Jerusalem that her God reigns

What is the relationship between the celebration in vv. 7-10 and the exhortation in

vv. 11-12?

v. 11: Be pure. Leave Babylon. Come out and be ritually pure, do not touch any Babylon stuff. Don’t bring Babylon stuff, be God’s people, not Babylonians.

v. 12: Don’t run out as an escape. Walk out trusting God. They’re free. (PS There was no opposition, Cyrus let them go.)

What does this mean for Israel in exile? For us? – Hebrews 12, Revelation 21

HOPE – God’s taking them home. God has kept and is keeping His promises. Trust God (don’t run out).